21 November 2011

UNICEF Malaysia – Teach Respect

UNICEF Malaysia – Teach Respect:

Think back to your childhood. Did you ever get called names, ignored, bullied or made fun of? Did it happen once or twice, or all the time? Did it hurt?


Some children get picked on far too often, just because of who they are. Other children are bullies because they don’t know any better.

We believe that all children deserve better. UNICEF Malaysia’s Teach Respect mini-campaign aims to empower adults and children alike to promote fairness, empathy and mutual respect in their communities. This initiative is in honour of Universal Children’s Day on 20th November: a day to remind us of our duty to protect childhood for all children, everywhere.

To learn how you can help us spread tolerance and understanding, please visit the Teach Respect site, view and share the video Public Service Announcements and join our community discussions on Facebook between November 14 and 24.

You can teach children to respect one another.

08 November 2011

Find out what's brewing at Cyberjaya this November...

If you own a blogshop, have collected recycled goods to raise funds, sold stuff on forums, or have been actively involved in college/university events, YOU could potentially be an entrepreneur one day!


Find out what's brewing at Cyberjaya this November

Entrepreneurs in Malaysia are gathering to sharpen the entrepreneur spirit in you by offering their experiences, tips and imparting knowledge that made them who they are today. If you are an entrepreneur or university student below 30 and have big dreams to be a successful entrepreneur just like Joel Neoh, 28, CEO of Groupon Malaysia, then you won't want to miss the great opportunity to attend THE BIG BREW at Cyberjaya.

The Big Brew - BQe Summit 2011

Venue : Knowledge Development Center (KDC), Cyberjaya
Date : Saturday, 19th November 2011
Time : 9.00am – 5.30pm

22 October 2011

Light up a little life!

Yayasan Sunbeams Home is a place that sheds light to underprivileged children in Malaysia. Having homed the displaced, misplaced, abused and neglected children of single parents since 1995, Sunbeams is the beacon of hope for children that long for a  bright future.


With several homes, daycare centres, learning centres and a feeding ministry set up within Malaysia, Sunbeams meets the daily needs of children at a feat of RM 80,000 per month.

Depending on the support of people like YOU, Sunbeams hopes to provide more and reach more underprivileged children in Malaysia through their wishes to expand. With a current RM 1.5 million renovation plan that caters to 100 children, your monetary donation, large or small will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in helping out in other ways, do consider donating items, offering your time, service, or even spread the word of the amazing work in place. Every little bit helps.

20 October 2011

Poverty is a cycle...but it can be broken.


The cycle of poverty is an issue that begins when a child is born into an extremely low income family and enters an environment that lacks stimulation. With lack of education, children grow up with low self-image due to improper attention from caring role-models.

Delinquency, loitering, gangsterism and abuse are highly common amongst illiterate teenagers; further lowering their chances of obtaining a secure and steady job. 

The issue snowballs when these teenagers get involved in pre-marital sex and are forced to start families without a stable income. The poverty cycle will then be passed on to the next generation.

Poverty is a cycle...but it can be broken.

How does the cycle end?

Dignity for Children promotes the importance of education and funds one-stop community-learning centres to help children between the age of 2-17 yrs old.

All Dignity Education Programmes are based on the national curriculum as prescribed by the MOE, but incorporate Montesorri principles and philosophies in execution. This means that proper training is carried out for volunteers who wish to become teachers.
With over 14,000 children in Malaysia who do not have access to school, teachers are in great demand in foundations such as Dignity. The life-changing work of Dignity for Children Foundation is only made possible through the continued help and support of people like you! Get involved and become a seed of change in a child’s life today.

18 October 2011

Everyone needs a place where they can call home...

Everyone needs a place where they can call home...

It's late in the night, and you hear a child screaming. The father seems to have returned home, and is apparently not in a good mood; as he has been for the past few weeks now. Every other night, you hear the tearful pleas of a woman begging for him to stop, but the screams of pain from the child continues. The next day, you see that same child, coming out from the house next door, boarding the school bus with a noticeable strange limp in her walk, while her face remains emotionally dazed and grim.

Child abuse can happen any day, anywhere, and at any time. What makes it worse is that often, the abuser is one whom the child trusts to give them love, and shelter. It is our duty as a neighbour, a citizen, and as a person, to report such incidents should we realise what is happening.

Shelter was established in 1981 for such a purpose. We receive children of such cases from the Welfare Department and from brave parents who want to rescue their children from such situations. These children come to us, broken and abused. In time, we help to nurture and care for them and raise them to confront their past, and move on to seek a brighter future.

It doesn't matter from what age and race you come from; for the some 450 children that we care for and support in our homes and refugee schools, it means a brighter future for them all.

Everyone needs a place where they can call home...

Help us, to give them a chance at a future they deserve to have.