21 November 2011

UNICEF Malaysia – Teach Respect

UNICEF Malaysia – Teach Respect:

Think back to your childhood. Did you ever get called names, ignored, bullied or made fun of? Did it happen once or twice, or all the time? Did it hurt?


Some children get picked on far too often, just because of who they are. Other children are bullies because they don’t know any better.

We believe that all children deserve better. UNICEF Malaysia’s Teach Respect mini-campaign aims to empower adults and children alike to promote fairness, empathy and mutual respect in their communities. This initiative is in honour of Universal Children’s Day on 20th November: a day to remind us of our duty to protect childhood for all children, everywhere.

To learn how you can help us spread tolerance and understanding, please visit the Teach Respect site, view and share the video Public Service Announcements and join our community discussions on Facebook between November 14 and 24.

You can teach children to respect one another.